There is a simple but profound verse found in Philippians 3:16 Only let us hold true to what we have attained. What do we hold? The way to live a life of matchless joy found in the person of Jesus Christ. But Paul is pointing out a tough realty, there is a world that wants to strip from us this joy and render us useless for the work of Christ.

Thus, the enemy seeks to tempt us, distract us, and deceive us from living in the lasting joy of Jesus Christ to dwell in the fear of the world. So our call? Hold tight to what you have been given in Christ, remember His word, His faithfulness and His power and hold true to it!

We can experience the fullness of joy when we are people who are holding true to the person and word of Christ! This site is to encourage and help you along the way as you praise Him in the pastures and praise him through the pain.

John Cox

After working in the entertainment industry (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures) John had the privilege of visiting the Waodani Tribe in Ecuador with Steve Saint (Steve’s Father was Nate Saint who was one of the men who was killed with Jim Elliot in 1955). After John spent time in the jungles with the men who killed Steve’s father and heard their testimony of salvation, his passion for ministry was ablaze. He received his MDiv from the Master’s Seminary and began serving as a pastor in 2003.

Though he knew the truth of the Word of God it was pressed into Him as he walked through losing his daughter Hope at 20 weeks in 2012, as well as walking though chemotherapy and radiation as a Hodgkins lymphoma cancer patient in 2014. Through many trials John, his wife Daisy, and three children, Jane, Brooke, and Jack, have learned to find the greatest of joys in Christ in the greatest seasons of desperation, by holding true to what we have attained in Christ Jesus.



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